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Donald Trump does not appear to be too concerned about a Hispanic entertainment coalition that wants to prevent him from hosting “Saturday Night Live” next month. In a letter to NBCUniversal CEO Stephen Burke and SNL creator Lorne Michaels, the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts slammed the network’s decision to invite Trump to host as “nothing less than a ratings ploy” and demanding to drop him from the show.
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              House Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, used to get death threats in his previous line of work. But watching his Benghazi investigation get slammed by accusations that is a partisan assault on Hillary Clinton, is actually much worse, he says. “I would say in some ways these have been among the worst weeks of my life,” Gowdy said this weekend during a lengthy interview with POLITICO. He
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              He’s not alone
              About 1,600 other Virginians were sent the same letter Collier got — and only 187 have turned in their Confederate flag license plates, the station said.. The agency acknowledged that a few simply sent the new license plates back to the DMV with “no thank you” notes, WAVY said. The DMV told us they asked the Sons of Confederate Veterans to assist on the new plate’s design but didn’t hear
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              Do you believe that your participation in local elections will influence your future? We do. People mistakenly think their vote influences nothing… An
              Race in America: Changing Reality by Facing It
              It has been recently said that racism is America’s original sin. And today, well into our country’s third century, we are far from
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